Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why I Need To Type Fast?

I am computer programmer and I write codes, computer codes the will do something unique and useful. I write computer program that will make life easier. But why do I need to type fast? As a computer programmer, learning typing is a must. I cannot write codes if do not know how to type. I cannot make a useful program if I cannot type. But what will happen if I can type very fast? What if I can type hundred of words in a minute? Can I create several programs that will help people?

I my typing speed is very high, I can make software in a very short time. This means that I have more time to review the codes, test the software, and be able to improve the logic it has. I become an efficient programmer and my software is of high quality that really helps people make their life easier. So increasing typing speed will really help a lot.

You too, whatever profession you have, if it involves computer, you need to type fast. My sister is a teacher. She knows Microsoft word and excel. She type very fast too. When the school year is ended, she will be the first to submit the year end reports and computed the students’ grades too.  She managed to save time and escaped the stress in computing the students’ grades and the headache of longer reports.

If you type fast and you are in stock buying and selling, you have a great probability to gain more and loss less. If you are an email marketer, your chance on sending a lot of prospect is higher if you type fast. The same can be said to other professions and jobs. Whether you are a doctor, a nurse, an attorney, an accountant, a manager, a director, and whatever you are into with if it involves computer, your chance to achieve good things is higher if you type fast.

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