Thursday, December 1, 2016

Typing is Fun!

Typing games are very fun to play with. Without this learning typing could be boring as hell. But learning through playing will increase you typing speed at tremendous level without realizing it. Just like any other games, you will be presented with different challenges that you are going to overcome with. It is big challenge because you are facing with life and death scenario. If you fail, you die and you will be given with a new life that will start again at the beginning. Nobody wants to fail so you do your best to overcome the challenge but as we all experience, you succumb to failure. With your fighting spirit intact and with several tries, eventually you overcome the challenge and win. By winning, you master the challenge on that level and you begin with another challenge, and then another challenge, and then another challenge until you overcome all the challenges. This time you are now a champion and master in typing.

With several games at your disposal, you can try all of them having a different set of challenges. I have tried them too. One of the games I played is riding on the boat. You will be given several words to type that come from left to right. If you miss some words, your boat will begin to sink until it will sink completely if you miss several words. But if you manage to keep the boat afloat you will reach the shore after a predetermine time. You see, its fun if you like boating.

Another game I like is mountain climbing. While you begin climbing from the bottom of the mountain, a big rock with word on it is hovering from the top of the mountain to you. So to avoid being hit by the rock, you need to the word it carries so that the rock will disappear. With several rocks approaching to you, you need to type as fast as you can in-order to preserve your life.  By typing all the words on the rocks, you will manage to reach at the top of the mountain.

I also like the speed racing. At first the speed of your car is slow so the speed of the words that you are going to type is low. But then as you progress on your way, the speed will slightly increase so you need to type fast. If you miss a considerable amount of word, you crashed. As the speed is increasing you is you typing speed, you need to type very fast so that you can reach the finishing line. If you crash on the road, you need to go back and start at the beginning.

Ironic as it is but typing games is like a simulation of a real life. Every stage in life you are presented with a different challenge. If you fail to overcome that challenge, you are presented with the same challenge until you learn how to overcome it. And then another challenge will come and you need to overcome it. It is always like this as long as you are alive. That’s why life is fun.

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