Thursday, December 1, 2016

Typing Is All We Have Done!

This is what I realized after years of facing the computer alone. No matter what you do, whatever you plan, when you are sitting in front of a computer, the bulk of your task is typing. It can be boring if you think that way but if you set your mind that is it fun, then it is fun. It is all about mentality. But most people would never think that way. A teacher would input all students score on the spreadsheet without knowing that she has done a typing job. A police officer would type the reports about the crime investigation. A doctor will type the prescription for his patient before printing it. Every student needs to type their theses or project reports. A software programmer will type all his codes daily without knowing how my thousands of words he has typed. A cashier on a certain department store will do her job without realizing that most of her job is done through typing. A manager will type the memorandum before sending to his subordinates. An email marketer will type the benefits of a product to his email list. Every article on newspaper will be typed on the computer first before it is printed on magazine. Every book and all the stories in it are typed on the computer first by its author. The script on movies and television series is typed on computer before it is distributed to all actors and actress. Advertisements are being drafted first on a computer. Navigation and flight schedules are typed first on the computer before being displayed on the public. Even wanted criminals, their names are typed first on the computer before being posted on the bulletin board. Everything we do is typing without realizing it. This is why typing has been a very important complementary skill that we should learn.

I said it is complementary skill that we should have because if your typing speed is very fast but you don’t know what to type, it’s then useless. For computer encoder job, typing is the most important skill to master but for other professions, typing skill would help a lot. Imagine how many prospects an email marketer could make if he type very fast? How short the time would it take for the patient to wait on the doctor’s prescription? Imagine how many topics would be tackled during chatting when both people type very fast?

Typing is all we do as long as there is computer and even if somehow it is replaced by a tablet or whatever device on the future, I think as long as there is a key to press, we still doing typing.

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