UltraKey Typing Software is an application which can enhance your typing skills while practicing during your free time. There are several typing softwares in the world now but you can only select few with the highest quality. Surely, Ultrakey is one those. Typing is skill required today for any office jobs. Without it, it must be difficult for someone to perform his job, let alone finding a job. All profession needs some documents processing. Therefore, computer is needed equipment and where there is a computer; there is a need for typing skills.

UltraKey is the answer for individuals who need their typing skills to improve. Ranging from the very beginners to advance typist, UltraKey is of great help. Its functionality and features is top-notch and easy to use and remembered. One can be a master typist by just two weeks of practice using UltraKey.


  • Quality and Functionality must go hand in hand when talking about typing software. UltraKey definitely describes these characteristics.

  • It has several lessons that match your typing level as well as games that make your practicing time enjoyable and fun.

  • As you go on with your practice, you may not notice that you already reach the typing level you want desperately.

  • This is the magic formula that UltraKey has brought to you. So enjoy your typing practice until you reach the level you put in your goal.


For all windows operating systems, UltraKey has a version suited for each windows version. So, unnecessary anxiety is not needed. Whether windows 7, windows 10 or even windows XP, there is a version suitable for all of it which make sure that your goal is attainable.


There are several versions that can be purchased from amazon or from the main UltraKey website. A free version can be downloaded here.

Excellent Product

By Andres Stephenchow on September 14, 2013

My children (ages 10, 13, and 16) are using this typing tutor. Their typing speed have improved in just two weeks. They love playing the typing games everyday and it is nice to see them practicing and improving at the rapid rate.

My only concern is they improved tremendously without actually mastering any level. I think this has been already mentioned from other reviews as well. In my opinion, it would be nice if they mastered a certain area before progressing to another.

On the other hand, I encountered some problem in securing this program. I tried purchasing this software directly from the publisher but never able to do it. I tried sending them an email a couple of times when I tried to order via internet but it never work. So this is my recommendation when you want to buy this software, it would be better if you download it from amazon and not from any other publisher. We tried to download this software and even order the hard copies but it neither went through. When download it from amazon, we were able to use it immediately. This software just worked just fine at all.

This software is suitable for home studying, in school settings, or even just parents who want to encourage their children to improve their typing skill.

Best for Beginner and Advanced Learner

By Larry Bell on July 31, 2012

I got a cleric job at our place but my boss found out that my typing speed is very low. Then he decided to fire me if my typing speed will not pass at least 10 WPM. So I looked at every typing program sold online and purchased this software which is not too cheap and not too expensive. I got really a bargain though. It turns out that this software is very excellent. I took first the initial test to check my typing speed inorder to see what level I should be in. It took me about two weeks to finish the program and to my surprise, my typing speed was up by almost 25 WPM.

I am very happy with the result. I printed it and give to my boss. Now, my wife is using it to improve her typing skills.

Typing games are very fun while the typing drill is not boring at all. It could be a tedious process but the reward is really wonderful especially when you see yourself at the master level. I really encourage everyone who wants to improve their typing speed to use their program.

This typing program is so fantastic.

By Betty Eardrum on August 15, 2011

I am currently studying at our local college school. I learned typing when I was eight or nine but it was not the correct way of typing. I only used some of my fingers and my speed stuck at 40 WPM. I decided to improve my typing speed with the correct way of typing and to be more efficient at typing. I have a goal for 90 WPM.

This typing program is so fantastic. Starting from 0 WPM is really difficult when you already know the basic but this program is a lot of fun so you will not be bored. I even look forward to practice it every after my class. There is a progression on your learning when you are taking it level by level but it is actually a bonus because that is the correct way to use the software when you want to improve at the master level. This software is getting very popular with its excellent games, lessons, drills, and its level tests. This is an excellent choice when you want both short and long term goals.

Best for children as well!

By Bernard Santiago on October 26, 2012

I am very happy with the result my 10 year old daughter got when using this software. My daughter took every lesson and every level. She started with 5 WPM, then 15 WPM the second time. Now she is at 22 WPM on the third time. I am hoping that she will not be bored as she is taking the higher levels to match its current speed.

With each level this software provides also a game to make each lesson more interesting and fun. If the goal of each lesson is not achieved, it automatically repeats so that the goal WPM will be achieved before proceeding to the next lesson.

This software never disappoints me.

By Nomenclature on January 11, 2014

We let our 12 year-old to have a summer class and he needed typing software. I looked for several softwares before settling with this one. This software never disappoints me. It is excellent in all of each category. Each lesson started from the very basic strokes. It progress by adding a couple of new strokes all the way up to typing sentences and paragraphs.

Once each lesson is completed, the student will take a time test to determine if he is ready to the next lesson. If he failed, he needs to take the same lesson until he passes it for the next lesson.

This software is very easy to use and easy to navigate too. You can view your result for each lesson. The result can also be generated through pdf format by just a click of a button.

This program is highly to all level.

Typing is Fun!

By Angel's Face on January 9, 2009

I purchased this typing application for my 9-year-old grandson who took a typing class. It just only a few days but my grandson really liked it. It's like he is glued to it especially on the typing games. It encourages accuracy through touch-typing.

Typing games really matter. My grandson is having fun in practicing. In just short time, he's speed and accuracy greatly improved. I gave it 5 stars because I believe my grandson would achieve the mastery level once he completed all the lessons.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Typing is Fun!

Typing games are very fun to play with. Without this learning typing could be boring as hell. But learning through playing will increase you typing speed at tremendous level without realizing it. Just like any other games, you will be presented with different challenges that you are going to overcome with. It is big challenge because you are facing with life and death scenario. If you fail, you die and you will be given with a new life that will start again at the beginning. Nobody wants to fail so you do your best to overcome the challenge but as we all experience, you succumb to failure. With your fighting spirit intact and with several tries, eventually you overcome the challenge and win. By winning, you master the challenge on that level and you begin with another challenge, and then another challenge, and then another challenge until you overcome all the challenges. This time you are now a champion and master in typing.

With several games at your disposal, you can try all of them having a different set of challenges. I have tried them too. One of the games I played is riding on the boat. You will be given several words to type that come from left to right. If you miss some words, your boat will begin to sink until it will sink completely if you miss several words. But if you manage to keep the boat afloat you will reach the shore after a predetermine time. You see, its fun if you like boating.

Why I Need To Type Fast?

I am computer programmer and I write codes, computer codes the will do something unique and useful. I write computer program that will make life easier. But why do I need to type fast? As a computer programmer, learning typing is a must. I cannot write codes if do not know how to type. I cannot make a useful program if I cannot type. But what will happen if I can type very fast? What if I can type hundred of words in a minute? Can I create several programs that will help people?

Typing Is All We Have Done!

This is what I realized after years of facing the computer alone. No matter what you do, whatever you plan, when you are sitting in front of a computer, the bulk of your task is typing. It can be boring if you think that way but if you set your mind that is it fun, then it is fun. It is all about mentality. But most people would never think that way. A teacher would input all students score on the spreadsheet without knowing that she has done a typing job. A police officer would type the reports about the crime investigation. A doctor will type the prescription for his patient before printing it. Every student needs to type their theses or project reports. A software programmer will type all his codes daily without knowing how my thousands of words he has typed. A cashier on a certain department store will do her job without realizing that most of her job is done through typing. A manager will type the memorandum before sending to his subordinates. An email marketer will type the benefits of a product to his email list. Every article on newspaper will be typed on the computer first before it is printed on magazine. Every book and all the stories in it are typed on the computer first by its author. The script on movies and television series is typed on computer before it is distributed to all actors and actress. Advertisements are being drafted first on a computer. Navigation and flight schedules are typed first on the computer before being displayed on the public. Even wanted criminals, their names are typed first on the computer before being posted on the bulletin board. Everything we do is typing without realizing it. This is why typing has been a very important complementary skill that we should learn.

Monday, November 28, 2016

UltraKey Free Download

UltraKey is typing software that will help you improve your typing skill to the level you never have imagined before. There are a lot of tying software nowadays but if you take a great look of each software, you will really realize how UltraKey standout from other.  Trust me. I know this because I have used a lot of typing software before and there is only one that helps me transform from being mediocre to being excellent. I have been working as an office secretary my whole life and typing skill in the only skill that will helped me achieve everything I have now. I never imagined that I will master my typing skill to perfection but with UltraKey, I have achieved it.